Do you love singing?  Have you ever envisioned yourself onstage, singing your heart out?  Are you curious, but possibly a bit nervous about singing?  Let Suz help you prepare to shine anytime you have the chance to get up and sing!


In your lessons, you will learn:

·      Proper breathing, breath support, posture, poise, stage presence, confidence!

·      Ear training, proper technique, mouth placement, tone quality, staying on pitch, diction, increasing your vocal range, voice projection.

·      How to read music, rhythm, how to choose a song, communicating the lyric of a song, connecting with your audience, building your repertoire.

·      Vocal exercises, vocal health, how to most effectively practice at home.

·      Tips and tricks on how to calm your nerves – can be used before you perform, speak in front of a group, or anytime you need to dissipate anxiety!


Even if you are not planning on singing publicly, voice lessons can help you to be more confident, relaxed, and comfortable speaking in front of other people. 


“Research on the effects of music study has shown that music contributes to increased intelligence and brain development in children. Through the discipline of learning music there is a transfer of communicative, cognitive, and study skills that become useful in every part of life. Children who study music have higher self-esteem and better success in school, in developing their mind and intelligence, in society, and in life…  Music is invaluable, shaping the musician’s abilities and character. It is a wonderful means of expression and release; physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually therapeutic. Music speaks what words cannot and is the sound of emotion.”


To schedule your lessons, contact Susan Foster:

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Call or Text - 724-312-1580.