Highly Qualified Dance Educators: Our adult faculty is highly qualified, certified and experienced in providing dance education with a standard of excellence. We focus on proper dance technique and body alignment, injury prevention, proper vocabulary and spelling, as well as dance history at an age appropriate level throughout our studio curriculum.  

Limited Class Sizes: Our class size is limited to 18-20 dancers. Large classes are given a student assistant to help faculty through the year.

Conservative and Age Appropriate Costumes and Music: We make very modest choices in costumes (please see Costume Picture Gallery for examples). No two-pieces are chosen and tights are required to be worn with all leotards. Our music is always age appropriate and conservative in lyrics and in subject matter.

No up-charges on costumes: We charge you the wholesale price of the costumes we choose with an additional $5 to cover administration time. Your costume total is only $55 per costume.

Performance and Competition Opportunities: Our Company performs throughout the community in East St. Tammany and participates in two competitions a year. However, we do not focus on trophies or ratings, but the training and growth of each dancer.

Recital: Our recitals are only two and a half hours long at the most! We run a very tight ship and are extremely organized in all things dealing with this production. We hire backstage help, so parents can sit and enjoy the show without running back and forth to change students. We promise an entertaining evening focused on the DANCER, not the lighting, props, or special effects.

Extra Opportunities: We host a Color Run every year as a philanthropy project. We have an adopted street through Keep Slidell Beautiful and do clean-ups a few times a year. We host Bible studies open to the community two times a year. We host master classes from Broadway touring productions open to the community.

Communication: We make sure to give you all important dates well in advance. We email a monthly newsletter and have a private Facebook page where reminders and announcements are also posted. All pertinent information is also posted in our hallway.