The Dance Project, under the artistic direction of Tara Brewer, is dedicated to providing excellence in performing arts education, emphasizing the importance of proper technique and respect for the discipline to create and mold the student into an artist. Our mission is to build self-confidence and strong character in young people through the challenging techniques and artistry of dance and music theatre in a positive and nurturing environment. Our faculty and guest artists are highly experienced and qualified teachers who have worked professionally in the industry as performers, choreographers, and directors.   

Code of Ethics and Beliefs

We, the dancers, faculty, staff, and parents of The Dance Project are a community of people who have a high regard for each other, the arts of dance and theatre, and the respectability and value of the work we do. We consider it a privilege to participate in a continuously growing worldwide community for the performing arts exemplifying the values of integrity, character, leadership, responsibility, and professionalism.

INTEGRITY:  To be a person who leads by example and honors commitments, to be a person other people can count on.

“Integrity is what we say, what we do, and what we say we do.” –Don Galer

LEADERSHIP: To inspire and serve the people of your class, team, or community through full participation in all dance and/or theatre related activities.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” –John Quincy Adams

RESPONSIBILITY: To respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio or the organizers of any conference, workshop, or competition.

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” –Les Brown

CHARACTER: To be a person who represents high levels of personal integrity, leadership, and responsibility for oneself and others. A person who has the courage and willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity.

“When what we do and what we ought to do are two different things, character is built in the choice we make.” –Bill Bennett

PROFESSIONALISM: To respect the dance and theatre profession and uphold our values and standards of conduct.

“A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.” –Alistair Cooke